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Originally Posted by LoliLovely View Post
Dunno who/what I should be for Halloween :0

ALSO: Who was it on here that said after Hunter and I split I'd have to be beating guys off with a stick? Was it Sam? Okay well, you were kind of right. Got another long meaningful message tonight. That makes...3 in total in the past 2 months. ._.
Daddy Warbucks. Princess Bubblegum. Oj Simpson's bloodied glove. A kittenTank. A kittenCopter. Sylvester Stalone.

Was it another pretentious description of the ardent, but ever-so-mannerly pinings of wutzizface the Missus-caller? Because I wouldn't knock getting irrationally angry again tonight. I like feeling good about myself at the expense of others on the internet.
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