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Originally Posted by Okami Twilight View Post
CHILDHOOD RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.o Willy Wonka in a rampage with an axe.... Woah. XD
I'm sorry I just cant help but to laugh every time I see that though

there's that and there picking on the shining which makes it funnier to me at least

Originally Posted by Stina006 View Post
Anybody watch Psych?

My roommates pretty much declared it the live action south park; Clyde is Shawn and Token is Guss....I don't really see it that much though

I love that show Its hillarious :'D you should watch it more

Has anyone here seen NO.6? (if not I am utterly shocked) I just finished it yesterday and my reaction

I think I like that show too much I might just read the fan translation of the novels cause I heard the anime didn't live up to it
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