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Sasha- I actually lucked out with an awsome wig and the tangels are minimal, but with my other horendious disaster of a long wig, do something like Lime did. It is a life saver. As for my wig stand, I lucked out that mom had a sweeper thingy and I just use the handle for it. It was still almost a two person job to braid the little braid I used for her crown though. Good luck and keep detangler near by.

Furie- Those dolls are the best. I love them so much. I bought Mulan, Belle, Aurora, and Cindy. Aurora freaked me out at first untill I looked at one of the animation drawings on the side. It's a side view of Aurora holding her basket and looking up with one of those "Please let me go play in forrest" looks. I realized her eyes are the puppy dog eyes and I could totaly see her pulling them on Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

So, I got ribbon on my shopping trip to Joanns. LOL I couldn't find a fabric that matched my dyed swatch for the skirt so, I decided to wait and see how I wanted to do this. I can buy white material and dye it and the brocade panel for the skirt at the same time or keep looking for a suitable match. The other thing I realized it how annoying the florecent lights at the store is. It made my brocade swatch look more blue purple than the red purple it is. However, this will help me figure out what to do for the top so, in a way it's a good thing. I still have some coupons so, I don't have to rush, but I still need to figure it out. I did find some suitable lace, but I want to look at a couple other stores before I decide. I also have to figure out what to do with my hair as the spring flowers are out in stores now. I'm trying not to get overwhelmed and am really greatful many of you ladies have already made this dress so I can gain from your wisdom.
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