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Originally Posted by Aquarian View Post
Whenever I post on vbulletin forums in general and I press the edit button I instantly log off and am sent to a log in page (pressing the save button just tells me i'm not allowed to do so). So I login again, and I now press the edit button and it goes thorugh. Why is that? Does this happen to everyone?
It sounds like it might be a cookie problem. Are you browsers cookies turned on, and are they active for the sites in question? Also, when you log in, do you check the "remember me" box?

Originally Posted by Quinn View Post
As I was looking through galleries and boards I noticed that quite a few people have commercial illustrations , drawings and anime stills in there respective galleries. I thought that this was not allowed on this particular sight due to copyright reasons. Is that still so? I am only asking so I personally do not assume the wrong thing and upload a picture that is non cosplay to my avatar and get in trouble for it so to speak.
Yeah, it is somewhat confusing as the rules are not always followed, but here is what is SUPPOSED to happen:

1. For your forum avatar, any image may be used, including artwork, photos with writing, etc, as long as it fits the 200x200 format.

2. For your costume avatars (icons representing your costumes on the cosplayer pages) you may only have a photo of you in the costume, sans text. There are a lot of people who break this rule and upload artwork, and that is not allowed. If you see any artwork/offical images used for costume icons, click the "report costume" button on the costume page, and choose "icon" under your reason. I don't know how well this works, as I've reported a lot of icons and never seen any removed, but I assume its being kept track of somewhere, so I'd do it anyway.

3. For actual photos in the galleries, no artwork or copyright images (including CGs) are allowed, nor are non-cosplay photos (this includes pics of con buildings, non-cotume photos of cons, con guests, etc.) UNLESS it is in the Non-Cosplay Gallery. We are each allowed up to 5 non-cosplay images (i.e. look at my kitty!) as long as they are placed in that gallery. If you see any artwork/copywritten images, click the "report photo" button under the image, and if you see a non-cosplay image, check to see what gallery it is in before reporting it. Unlike the costume icons, these are taken care of for the most part, though I'm sure the mods have tons of reports to sort through.

I hope that helps clear it up, and its nice to see people ask!
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