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Originally Posted by hyunwal View Post
I'll wait for your reply
Then you will be waiting a long time. The author hasn't replied to any posts in weeks/months!

I don't see why you can't make a helmet like that using this method. ^_^

...However the clay eludes me a little - Why clay in particular? Have you considered Bondo? - And the acrylic may peel/flake off if the helm is knocked about a little. It's a paint that makes a 'skin layer' rather than 'coat' the object in question, which enamel paint would do. Acrylic, although thinner and not as strong, isn't that different to Liquid Latex which is known as a 'second skin' product anyway. This is just speculation though, and it mainly depends on how many times you would paint the helmet, how thick it would be, if it would be knocked around a lot, etc.

If you can, maybe a mock-test with a bit of clay made into a pancake and slightly rounded before painting would satisfy this possible problem?
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