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Name of Merchant: Epic Cosplay


Item purchased (please include quantity): 30" Black Hair weft

Links to picture(s) of your received item: I had it sent to my wig commissioner, but the finished product was for my Ranmao "horns"

Timeline (how long your order took to process): January 24-February 10th (when my commissioner received the extensions.)

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: I had a wig commissioned for Katsucon and I was to supply both the wig and the wefts. We had a bit of a SNAFU with one set of wefts (ended up ordering the wrong thing on accident). My commissioner recommended Epic Cosplay, telling me that they were high quality and had super fast shipping (which was important because Katsu was coming up fairly soon). So on January 24, I placed the order and received confirmation that the order was processed/money taken out of my account. I also did Priority Mail (2-3) so it would get here quicker. I never received confirmation that the order was shipped so I assumed that they would just send it and I'd get confirmation from my school's post office (it's happened like that before with other companies). About a week later I start getting antsy since I hadn't received the package. At first I thought it was because our school post office was backed up (they were backed up by 3 days), but after emailing them on February 3rd, it turns out that the wefts were never shipped. After talking to a representative, they sent them out ASAP (though I had to get them sent to the commissioner instead of me, so I couldn't check it out) and gave me a $5 gift certificate. Because of the delay, my commissioner had to cut some corners and it turned into a bit of a rush job.

Pros- they were nice wefts, customer service was really nice and responsive, they did give me a gift certificate to make up for their mistake
Cons- because of the delay, my commissioner had to cut some corners.

Final Grade: C+. Like I said, the wefts were good quality and customer service was very helpful when they figured out the mistake. And I will probably use them in the future (make sure you get that tracking number, which I did get when they finally shipped it). But they still forgot to ship my order, so that's why I give them a C+.

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