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Pleated Circle Skirt?

Okay, so I'm making this skirt x as a PLEATED CIRCLE SKIRT. I've had bad run-ins with rectangle skirts in the past so I'm trying the circle method. I'm making a few modifications with this skirt though: 1, it will be up to my waist and not wherever high it goes up to, 2, I will be making one inch knife pleats all around since I don't have time to get it sunburst pleated.

I was just wondering how much bigger I would need to make a circle skirt to allow for the pleats and I did all the measuring just please help me with math ;A;
  • Waist w/ ease: 27in
  • Waist radius: 4 1/3in
  • Desired Length: 25in
  • Ratio pleats to fabric needed: 3in for every 11in (yeah this was a dumb ratio i dunno)
edit: now that i look at the picture....they look like box pleats.... hm.
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