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Originally Posted by PatrickD
Huh? Anime Boston's first year was 2003, the same year as Connecticon's first event.

...but AB2003 was in April and Connecticon 2003 was in July, so technically AB has been around longer, I guess.
how come EVERYONE says that AB has been around longer, when it really hasnt been. People never seem to think before they speek -_-.. and w00t w00t to Patrick D! Thank you for AB!

connecticon isnt bad persay, but it hasnt appealed to the same amount of people as AB. Connecticon is a few thousand shorter, and the pannels arent as great, but people are very friendly... I found myself last year with plenty of free time, while at AB theres so much more going on at once, you cant fint ten minutes of rest! ALSO, connecticon is NOT an Anime convention, it is an anime/sci fi con... which means you have both breed of dork mixed in the same fishbowl. I dunno, but the anime fans tend not to blend well with the sci fi fans... (although that doesnt mean each group arent nice)

anyone remember random cape dude from last year? he was this dude with this huge cape/cloak, and he would run down the halls and turn corners quickly just so youd see his cape flip around lol... randomness...

as far as location, AB is a ton better. Its connected to the sheraton hotel and the prudential center (mall), not to mention its in downtown boston with tons of stuff to do all around you and great places to eat. the convention center that connecticon uses is not connected to a hotel or mall, and there arent any close food places, so its a bit more inconvenient. I had a hotel that was about 8 miles away from the center, but the hotel was nice enough to offer free shuttle rides to and from the center (at reasonable times).
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