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Originally Posted by ringoox3 View Post
excite mail ( does not work either... x__x;;

edit: it's been so long... but still no mail... :x
i've already remembered my old account's info at this point .__.;;
Originally Posted by Zabuz View Post
Gasei: Yahoo's mail isn't working for me when I tried it... I don't know how many times I've tried to get a registration mail now...
It is the time when you realize why CURE cannot be as populer as in the world; they still have a lot of problems. (Including the other ongoing problem discussed here.) Xp

Anyways, I assume they are also ones of the mail domains in which CURE cannot work well.

I checked the official news, but they still seem not to have have any solution since the last September. Instead, they asks the members to use another mail service.

I believe you already have done millions of times, that the "junk mail" box is also place to check. They use domain.
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