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Originally Posted by lovesexnpocky View Post
Oh I know what you're talking about! That same technique is used to make batik fabrics! Thanks for the suggestion, your Korra came out fantastic.

I'm curious now what kind of fabric did you use for the top? Specifically, what brand if you recall? I used an interlock knit and the collar held fantastic UNTIL I put the collar trim on. >> But I like the idea of batiking it, or possibly painting it!
That's exactly the technique! A bonus is that I now have supplies to try my hand at batiking patterns onto fabric, which I've always wanted to do.

As far as my fabric, I used a wool jersey. I like to try to keep my materials similar to what the character would have, and Water Tribe and wool just go together very well (the boots and butt-cape are both suede trimmed in rabbit fur, with Angelus leather painted cuffs and linen for the pants). The cheapest I wool could find at the time was from Mood, so I ordered a yard online. nd=

It's not the most practical option if you work in a fabric store, but I adore wool. At that weight, it's not even very hot and this particular weave didn't itch. It did make dyeing and removing the wax harder, since I couldn't just put it in hot water till the wax melted off, and the left armhole is permanently a bit warped because I messed up... but it's pretty minor. ^_^
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