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"I think Deedlit's lips are pink but they are still extremely faint. I don't think she wears lipstick. Maybe an extremely light color would work?"

if her lips are faint and still kind of pink then get a pink lipstick that is very light or just a regular pink that matches it and put a little on..... even if a character doesn't wear lipstick i've found that girls naturally have redder or pinker lips than guys do and it also helps to smooth out your lips (unless your a guy blessed with awesome lips.... then i would like to meet you ^_~ lol jp) same goes for if your a girl dressing as a guy... either put nothing on your lips or get a skin colored or browner lip stick and put A LITTLE BIT on..... well this all depends on what your character looks like..... do whatever you think looks right you know the character better than i do ^_^" ........

Originally Posted by Merle-kun
Dani's right... and, not to be mean, but from your question it sounds like they've already effected your actions. Because you're thinking like they are. Are you gay because you're wanting to crossplay? Does hopping into women's clothing for a few days make you a homosexual? Not at all, they don't always go hand in hand. I'm not sure how you got the idea that we're all gay. I haven't seen anyone declare their sexuality on this board one way or another. I'm not taking offenese or anything, just pointing out that you're friends are effecting you, and if you truely want to crossplay that thinking has to go out the window. You won't have any fun if you're worrying yourself to death at a con. =3 And as Sipesh said, you're welcome to hang out with us at a con!
i agree completely with what Merle-kun said! nicely put hun ^_^ .....
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