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Originally Posted by AilaY View Post
This will me my dad's first Anime Convention (telling him he'll probably be bored with the age of everyone versus the age of people at a huge con like Dragon*con) but he's excited and his hobby is photography. He's a bit of a Narutard, and is probably going to be interested in a Naruto photoshoot of some sort. I'll talk with him more later, but if any Naruto cosplayers want to join in I think he'd be more than happy, and that includes the zillions of Narutos there usually are (yay Kage-bushin)

If anyone is actually interested, let me know or reply and I'll start talking to him about what day we should do it on. Out of my friends we have a Jiraiya, maybe a Tsunade, a Kakashi (big, my dad, will probably be taking photos anyway), really tall Sakura, and maybe a Ten Ten, but any Naruto fan is welcome. More the marrier, and don't let the fact that we may already have a character you're cosplaying stop you from joining.
Sounds like fun! I'll bring Deidara (me) and maybe a Sasori (my brother) He's being Sasori with me on Day one, but then He's being Link from L.O.Z. the rest of the time.
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