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Originally Posted by Rockaholicz753 View Post
I'm nervous about cosplaying as Iris West II Kid Flash ( for Khaotic Kon and no one knowing who I'm suposed to be. Expecially since it's more of an anime convention than anything else and she's not a really well known character either...

I don't know, am I just being stupid?
There are no rules on what type of costume is and is not allowed to conventions. I've cosplayed anime to comic conventions and book characters to anime cons.

It depends.
Are you cosplaying for the purpose of other people knowing and recognizing who you are? If you are cosplaying with the intention of being noticed or having a lot of attention from being a well known or popular character then you may find yourself disappointed.

If your cosplaying for your own personal enjoyment then you will never be disappointed.

It's just a choice you have to make; are you going to consider other people's attention to you as part of the costumes success?
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