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It's really what you want to get out of your cosplay. Some people cosplay their favorite character, be it an obscure character or someone so well known you'll probably see 5 more of them. Some people want to be "the only one" at the Con. Other people WANT to be noticed and will cosplay accordingly.

I personally cosplay whoever I feel like cosplaying. At Anime Vegas 2011 I cosplayed Ken Amada from Persona 3. 2 people recognized me, but I had a blast. Anime Vegas 2012, I cosplayed Honey-senpai, and I was constantly swarmed with people. Also a blast, but in very different ways.
Current Cosplays:
Ash Ketchum 1st season - Pokemon

Ken Amada Dark Hour uniform - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Kyo Sohma Winter school uniform - Fruits Basket

Honey-senpai Ouran school uniform - Ouran Highschool Host Club

Future Cosplays:

Sora - KH2

Roxas - KH2

Len Kagamine Append - Vocaloid

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