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Name of Merchant: cocosilver (cocosilverhk on ebay)
Items ordered: Kagamine Len (shorts, shirt, tie, belt, arm and leg warmers)
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: pending

Timeline (how long your order took to process): 2 and a half months

Describe your Experience: I had seen some of cocosilver's work in the community and was really impressed by the fabric choices... I started to research upgrading my own Len to a cocosilver version since its my favorite costume and my old one is getting a little shabby. The site said the costume would take up to a month to be completed and the measurements seemed dreamlike in their perfect-ness for me. So I bit!

A month an a half later... no costume and no email O-o;; Getting worried, I emailed the company in Japanese myself. A Japanese service rep apologized profusely and assured me she would call the factory in China with my concerns. She got back to me within the day and told me that there was a missing part/fabric shortage affecting the costume and that it would be finished and sent to me by the end of May for certain.

She was right. The costume WAS shipped on the very last day of May.

Pros: The materials are lovely. The shorts, arm and leg warmers are in a heavy low-sheen satin that looks almost like faux leather from a distance. The shorts and shirt fit like a dream. The whole costume is extremely well-made. The light-up armbands are super-cool (they have three settings ~ off, on, and blinking) but they need to be attatched to the costume manually (on the up-side, this means I can move them to a non-cocosilver costume).

Cons: The costume was a month and a half late and I had to prod the company myself for an explanation. This is the longest I've ever waited for a non-custom costume. Had I had an event or deadline in mind, I'd definately have missed it, even with my usual 1 month buffer.

More troublesome ~ the armwarmers are too large and the legwarmers are far too small. There's no way these are "L" size accessories. My 110 pound friend came over to confirm and even after ripping all of the seams out of the closure on the legwarmers, they won't over her M-size calves either. The legwarmers are unuseable...

The color of the yellow on the costume is more of a creamscicle orange than the yellow on reference photos and other Len costumes... meaning I can't just swap out leg and arm warmers from my own costume or use materials from those to reform the new ones. I need to go and buy materials to match the color on cocosilver's costume and make my own arm and legwarmers. Not a huge deal... but after paying 17,000 yen and waiting 2.5 months it would be nice not to have to spend another 5,000 and another month making the pieces that don't fit again.

Final Comments: Overall, I'm not super impressed. I don't think I'd use them again. But I would jump at a chance to buy a used costume they had made on account of the great fabrics.

Final Grade: B-
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