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Re: Cosplay Materials in HK

I can't post in that thread for some reason so I'll post here:

Just a bit more of a selection - if you can read Chinese, you can also order your wigs from China which, at times (warning, sometimes it is bad), is of very good quality. is a good source.

However, I usually get my wigs from the stand in Ladies Market which sells tonnes of wigs. Also, near the south end of Ladies Market, to the side, there's a costume store (halloween/party store) which sells pretty good quality wigs. I got my wig for my Zhou Yu cosplay there.

Re: Colour Contacts, you need to take care. There are genuine brands and the copy brands. Although I don't get them, according to my girlfriend, the one which should sell the real stuff are on the 3rd floor of Sino Centre. When you get up to the 3rd floor, there is a few computer/console game shop and a war game shop. The store which sells the better ones is to the left of those game shops.

Hope I could help...
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