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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
That looks pretty good.
For hiding the hair, You cut that a bit short so it will be very hard, You can use a wig cap for starters, I would also suggest seeing if you can get the areas where you can see your hair to go more down back. Behind the ears, seems to be flowing back. You may not have a choice but to buy a new one and not cut it so short. It looks way too short. Trust me, I have had this problem a few times, I had to buy a new wig on that problem..You can also try to gel that part of your hair up so gravity doesn't become your enemy lol

It's pretty hard to explain over typing lol
Funny thing is I didn't cut it that short but my natural hair is decently long now. I'm going to try geling the edges of my hair and maybe get the hair color in a can. So atleast if it pokes out it matches. XD It's okay, I almost just gave up and ordered a slightly long wig that covers my hair. lol
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