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I'm too am glad to see a thread for this for I'm now jumping into doing a cosplay from this show which will be my first TV show cosplay. I'm doing the evil queens dress from the pilot episode because I know it will fit my skin tone plus I just love that dress. I'm also in January going to commission someone here on the forums to make the staff from heart of darkness malificants staff. Ooh I can't wait to don on this dress y'all.
Dream Cosplays/future

Steampunk Azkadellia(still dreaming)

Winifred Sanderson(Hocus Pocus)

Snow Trooper

Next cons

Pensacon 2014,Momo Con, Dragoncon 2014

cosplays in progress

Bellatrix 100% DONE!!!!

Queen Regina from Snows wedding OUAT DONE!!!

Azkadeilla Black and pink outfit 90%

Steampunk Mob Boss In Progress
Bernadette Big Bang Theory 10%
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