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Name: Akino Atelier, RayneHeart, Nancy Akino
Character commissioned: Vincent Valentine Cosplay (Full Costume: Pants, Cape, Holster, Glove, and Shirt)
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Links to pictures of your commissioned item:
Timeline: April-August. Five Months

Describe your Experience: Akino contacted me when I first made my advertisement looking for a Vincent Valentine commissioner that was professional in the Marketplace. I sent her an e-mail and asked for quotes. She replied back quickly and divided each commission with a detailed information of what she was going to do and how much would it cost. She considered my budget and promised to stay as close to the reference pictures as she could. This commissioner studies the reference pictures that you send her carefully and makes an estimate of the cost depending on what you want to include and how you want it to be made. She breaks down the cost and explains to you what she is charging for each process and how it is going to be made. Once you send her the payment she will inform you immediately once it's received and she will let you know when she will begin working on your commission. Akino keeps an In-Progress Monthly List in her DeviantArt account which she updates frequently. When you contact her she will ask you for when do you need your costume and she will put your name in that established month. Do not expect it to be finished in that same month though, make sure you give her a month or two extra in your timeframe. Also the fabric was different than the one we had discussed in the earlier e-mails. It was supposed to be pleather and it ended up being entirely a different fabric. She provides, in her website, one of the best and the most helpful Measurement Charts I've ever seen. She will update you on request and when you contact her, will always reply. She was friendly and responsive, and I gave her a big enough timeframe for her to finish the costume. She always replied to my questions, she was friendly, sweet, and polite. It's best to suggest that you give a due date that is a two months before your convention and you should be good. She did send pictures before shipping the cosplay and added some things that were missing into it. I received my cosplay and although the coat it's a little short, it looks great!

-Replies quickly
-Has a great Measurement Chart system in her website
-Has an In-Progress Monthly List in her DeviantArt account
-Explains in depth what she will do and divides the cost so you understand what she's charging you for and how much.
-Always replies back
-Sends a Tracking Number

-Fabric was different than the one discussed in the beginning.
-Went over the Due-Date. (This was mostly to the fact that three cosplays she had made were stolen and she had to remade them.)

Final Grade: B-

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