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Originally Posted by benignthespian View Post
Even for people that did plan ahead and wait until 12AM for the Black Friday sale got screwed over because of the way the website functioned.
I think you missed the point of my post. Some people criticized the people complaining about the lines that were long enough to watch Titanic twice and said those people should've "planned ahead"—for something that that should only take 45 minutes (or less). Many people planned for 90 minutes, and even that was on the high end of reasonable. Sitting at your computer at 23:59 and waiting to click on a link once the clock hit 00:00 is not "planning ahead;" buying your badges ahead of time is. The "Black Friday sale" price was about the same as the July (maybe August). There was no limit in July.

Originally Posted by Second Star Cosplay View Post
Well guys! It's finally up! The AX hotel block information has been released, and it seems like there are a few new hotels as well as now a "virtual waiting room" for the booking. Hopefully that makes the site run smoother.

What do you guys think???
I think they should fire the people in charge of running their web infrastructure.

Virtual Waiting Room: This year, we will be implementing a virtual waiting room on the hotel booking site to ensure that it will not crash due to high-traffic.
It wasn't the hotel booking site that was crashing last year; it was the Anime Expo site, which they insisted on having as the only way they would distribute the URL to the hotel booking site. The people lucky enough to get the direct URL to the hotel booking site didn't have any problems.

Please note that there is also a time limit of 15 minutes for completing your reservation on the hotel booking site. Inactivity on the site for the duration of the time limit will result in a timeout message and will require you to start the reservation process over again.
I'm not sure if that's actually new; I don't know what Passkey's policies are about how long you take during the reservation process or if it's possible for rooms to run out while you have a reservation in your shopping cart.

New Housing Provider: ConferenceDirect is the official housing provider for Anime Expo and the only place to book rooms at the AX 2018 hotel block rates.
I saw no evidence suggesting that there were problems with CMR *or* Passkey in terms of hotel booking. Can someone enlighten me here?

Updated AX Website Performance: Based on the performance of our new website during the Black Friday sale, as well as extensive research and testing, the AX site should have no major issues for the hotel block release.
This! This is what they needed to focus on years ago. Their website was what kept going down, and it was obvious that whatever redundancy they had with Cloudflare was not enough.
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