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Originally Posted by Penlowe View Post
Holsters are a lot harder to replicate in non-leather materials because real holsters are commonly wet formed saddle leather, i.e. it's thick and rigid. It might be easier to do the holster out of cardboard or craft foam and give it a really good paint job.
I could do that, except that I'm not really good at painting...

Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
What do they need to look like ?

If you don't have moral objections to real leather I find that it costs about the same as faux leather.
This is what the straps and boots look like:

As for the holster, I want to make it with a removable cover (attaching it with snaps) so that it can look like Mal's:

(it's just a basic 1800s Western style holster)

or Jack's:

I don't know what Vash's looks like since it's always under his coat, but it won't be visible so it doesn't really matter.

The main reason I'm not just buying holsters is that Mal's and Vash's guns are both rather large and I won't be able to guarantee that they'll fit in some cheap holster I get online.

I'm not opposed to using real leather. How much does it tend to cost? Any places you recommend I get it from?
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