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Originally Posted by peahat View Post

Hi guys! I really want to cosplay Togame for FanimeCon this year. I am SORta halfway competent at sewing (I've made a handful of hoodies with zippers, etc) but I am still not confident enough to work with shiny fabrics.

I feel like maybe I can get away with using a notshiny black fabric for the overshirt part, but the collar and the sleeve looks like it needs to be shiny..

1. What fabrics can I use for this cosplay that are not shiny?
2. Are there any shiny fabrics that might be a little easier to learn how to use?
3. Are there any good tutorials for dealing with shiny fabric?
Hey there!
Special occasion fabrics ("shiny") come with their own set of rules, sewing needles and so on. So first off I suggest you stick to cotton, it will make your life much easier! And you are in luck, there are two cotton fabrics that are indeed shiny, but easy to sew.
Cotton Sateen, which you can get at Joann in a stretch bottom weight or light weight.
Cotton/Silk blend (45/55 is best) but finding it can be difficult. The place I've found it is

If you really really really want the shiny, bridal satin is not terribly temperamental. Just take your time, use lots of pins (Satins tend to be slippery) and use a sharp needle.
Even though it is budget friendly, do not let the costume satin lure you in. It is evil.

Hope this helps. If anything is unclear or you have more questions let me know.
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