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Originally Posted by Curucar View Post
That's completely unacceptable. We had one incident like that last year and that staffer was kicked out of the con.

I'm slowly coming to the realisation that cons are very much like working retail (even if it has nothing to do with the vendors room).
Yeah, I seem to have really bad luck with staff members. I've encountered too many rude and/or uncaring ones. I did report that girl and the security people took it pretty seriously, even gave me free pocky. But they were supposed to e-mail me with an update on the situation and they haven't yet. I just e-mailed them inquiring about it.

In a very minor rant, I hate the wait to hear back from the hedgehog breeder. I applied for a hold and I waiting to see if I got him. I plan to start setting up his home once I know I got the hold, so the sooner she tells me the more time I have to get ready.
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