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Well, from the two times that I've gone, I personally think it's a convention you should go to! It's really comfy-cozy at ALA, which is what a lot of us really like. But in short, it's just a mini version of your average Anime Expo or Sakura Con or any kind of large con out there placed inside an great hotel. From my expirience, I haven't come across any negative stuff from the con-goers. But over at ALA, it tends to be REALLY crowded except when the masquerade is in session. I recommend that if you plan to attend any avents, you should start heading there fifteen minutes before-hand. I mean, you can head somewhere in even less time than that, but it really depends where you are. For example, if you were to head to, say, the Pool Deck from the Dealers Hall, you should leave early. The Marriott - the hotel it's at - is fairly larger, but when it's crowded you'll get held up.
But aside from that, the convention-goers and staff there are really nice and friendly, so you won't need to worry. There are people ready to answer your questions, whatever it may be. Just apply the same principles fit for all convention survival and you're good to go!
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