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Having the proper makeup will ensure that you will look your best in photos. You can't depend that photographers will touch up things you did not correct.

Makeup Primers are good to use under makeup to help it look good for a longer period of time. You will require less touch-ups.

Color-correcting skin can help you look better in photos and in person. If you have red, blotchy areas or pimples, some red neutralizer will even this out. Dark circles under the eyes can also be reduced by using the proper concealer.

For foundation, generally it is best to us one which matches the natural color of the your skin as close as possible. Then it will be less noticable. If the character you are cosplaying needs a different color foundation, then it will look more real if you carefully blend it into your scalp-line and taper it down your neck until it fades below the neck-line of your costume. Be aware that foundation can rub off onto your costume.

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