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Originally Posted by Limeyaku View Post
Some of the other fandoms are doing it, so why not?!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the shoot ( though the general consensus was that it was horribly run...not sure what happened with that. It was hijacked by the time the people who planned it got there at 4 ) and supporting our favourite guild ( and other guilds associated with them )

I met some new people, got some great photos and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you next year!

Who else is planning on joining in the guild shenanigans??

I'll be there as Erza again!
yeah noticed that too when I came on saturday it seemed that they had already started and were like halfway through only making me involved in like a few shots. I enjoyed the shoot nonetheless

I'm in the works of cosplaying King Acnologia for next year as I have yet to see any dragons. I'm crossing my fingers that it will turn out well.
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