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Originally Posted by darkangel7410 View Post
OMG Michi posted! Jk i have not seen many post by you in here, nice to see ya drop by. You should maybe drop some suggestions some time heh >.<
I've posted and given suggestions more than once over the years, you know. Also I like how you replied directly to me and then immediately did exactly what I said not to. Please stop double posting! Not to single you out, but I think you do it the most.

Originally Posted by STACYLOVE View Post
Age: 20
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120
Wigs: Yeah!
Contacts: Yes
Crossplay: YES.
Sewing skills: Yep.

My hair is shorter now, so I can't use my real anymore
Might be cliche, but I immediately thought Rikku from Final Fantasy X.

Originally Posted by IdolsCosplay View Post
here is me on halloween 2011, let me know if it suits me :P 0554667_n.jpg
This thread is for suggestions on future cosplays, not for critiques on how your costume came out! Please go here for that:

Originally Posted by Locke Octavian View Post
I have quite a few of my cosplays for the year locked in, but I'm always looking for ideas of other characters I can cosplay in the future. I'd love to hear suggestions people have.
Kyouichi Saionji from Shoujo Kakumei/Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Originally Posted by Karae View Post
Looking for a new cosplay My last was Death from the Sandman comics, but I've cut my hair. Any ideas would be great - willing to crossplay, but I'd prefer not to use a wig.


Further details: I'm 5 feet tall and pretty curvy, weigh in at 53 kg. Late teens Revealing stuff is fine, but can't do contacts (already have prescription - too expensive to get colour prescription!). Glasses are fine.
No wig makes things pretty tough, as your hair is quite unique! If you were willing to try a wig, I think you'd be a cute Rydia from Final Fantasy IV.
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