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Name of Commissioner CarrotAnime
Website/ gallery
Character commissioned and series/video game Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger) - tunic, coat, sleeves, boot covers, gloves, belt, cross shaped buttons
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item the entire set is here.
Timeline (how long your order took to process) First contacted on 11 March; first part of costume arrived 27 April, second in mid-June. (read below)
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. This cosplay has been an absolute nightmare from the time it was shipped to me to the time I wore it to Otakon 2010. (A damn shame, because the first thing I commissioned from them has been really good to me.)

Communication was smooth at first; I got fairly prompt responses (keyword: fairly) and payment was set up and underway in no time. Then, for about two and a half weeks, my emails went unanswered until pictures were ready. Everything seemed okay with the pictures at first, but the coat seemed to be hanging wrong. I'd attributed it to the costume hanging up on a dress form rather than on me, and gave them the green light to send it on its merry way. On 18 April, the costume was supposedly sent; there was supposed to be a tracking number (which I never got, btw.) After sending a few more ignored emails, on 27 April, I was finally told that the package had shipped. Literally ten minutes after that, the thing came landing on my doorstep in a great big plastic-and-tape-wrapped blob. After dissecting it, I laid the pieces out. Something was wrong: I was missing a piece of my costume. The bottom of the tunic. That's where the fun really began.

The tunic had been made in two separate parts: a wrap-around "top" that was very difficult to tie and a skirtlike "bottom." I immediately sent them another email telling them I was missing the bottom half of the tunic. I got a reply telling me that they had no clue what I was talking about. No emails were answered after that, and by this point, I was more wrapped up in my finals than in this hot mess of a cosplay. Three weeks later, another package landed on my doorstep. The bottom of the tunic. Now, with all pieces in hand, I could try it on.

The coat fit all wrong, and acted and assembled nothing like Jin's coat actually would have, nor was it according to any of the reference pictures I'd sent to them. The buttons were big and clunky and held on with cheap pins that continually broke; there were inaccuracies with the costume that couldn't be seen in the pictures that had been sent to me. I was very unhappy, and I was hard pressed for time to fix them all before Otakon. Worst of all, the bottom of the tunic didn't fit me while I was binding - it was still too small. I had to remake entire panels of the "skirt" to make it hang right (and even then, it was wrong,) as well as make it a new waistband. The "sleeves" were supposed to attach directly to my arms via elastic bands that slipped and cut off my circulation all day instead of being held up by the extremely cheap pins they'd made. The coat wasn't lined like it had been agreed on, and the lack of interfacing where it really needed it made it fall even more awkwardly on me than it did on their damn dress form. The boot covers didn't fit ANY of my shoes, despite giving them measurements of my foot in the shoe I'd have been wearing, and the snaps on the belt didn't hold together by themselves and had to be pinned to stay in place, and the "buttons" and sleeves were hanging on all day thanks to small miracles and hot glue...mostly hot glue.

Needless to say, I've sunk just about as much as I paid for this costume in alterations to it, and I'm not even done yet. The only part of the costume that actually fit me well were the gloves, and in Baltimore's extreme 100+ degree heat that day, I couldn't keep them on. Damn shame, really. I'm never commissioning from these guys ever again. I'm better off just making (and screwing it up) myself next time.

Final Grade: D-
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