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Name of Commissioner: Mandy, Cosplaycommish


Character Commissioned/Series: Originally Neviril in Sibylla dress, but really the outfit works for any of the girls in the Simoun series. I needed the Sibylla dress, white underdress, the pendant, a ribbon, and a wig.

Link to Pictures of Commissioned Item: I was testing it out yesterday so this is all I've got. I didn't have the pendant on and I'll explain about the wig. The socks and shoes were not part of the commission, nor was the book.

Here's what the first pendant looked like though. And here's the original wig from one of her progress works.

Turnaround Time: I began the commission in mid-February and got the final bit yesterday, August 11. The original deadline was in time for Otakon at the end of July.

Pros: I thought I'd have no trouble with her, being as I had used her before for a different costume and had no issues that time. This time... well it was definitely a lot different.

At first everything seemed fine. There was no trouble, I got pictures of everything. The end product I got yesterday was much better. The dress fits me well and the second pendant is very show accurate and the right size this time. She made sure the ribbon was removable and everything.

I will mention the pros of the second Sibylla dress, since I can say good things about that. As to why there's a second one, well, see the cons below. The dress itself is a wonderful fit. Perfect length in the arms, close fitting, accurate. No issues with this one, save for the fastening bit in the cons section.

Cons: The first issue was the wig. She had apparently teamed up with someone who could do wigs. The character I had picked has lots of hair and her hair in a sort of tails style. So I figured I'd give it a shot. Result? Don't have them do a wig. It was a strange style to begin with and this is what they could give me: here and here. It wasn't completely accurate, but it didn't look bad. However, when it got here, it was in the package with everything else and by the time I put it on a wig head, it really didn't have much style to it. It wasn't useable so I took it apart.

Second issue: The original pendant I received was much too big. In fact, it looked gaudy. It doesn't look bad in this image, but it's too big. That's why I had a second one done and this time made sure to specify sizes. I'll take the blame on that one.

Third issue: The Sibylla dress. There are two parts to this outfit. There's a white underdress with a collar that goes close to the neck and then there's the main tan piece. So we'll start with the underdress.

I had told her there was no set design for the dress, as all you see is the high collar and the bit that shows through on the front. When I put this on, the neck was huge, much too big to look decent. I'm not a sewer (hence why I commission), but my mom was able to fix this for me so it rested snugly against my neck. The dress was made sleeveless, which was nice because it would be less layers with the dress that when over top.

Now on to the dress itself. The first one I got was way too big. The arm holes were twice the size of what I needed and the dress hung off my shoulders. I couldn't understand why there was such a difference between this outfit and the last one.

It was the beginning of June at this point. I contacted her, she said to send measurements again just to make sure, along with additional ones, and that yes, I'd have it in time for Otakon. At this point I commissioned her to make a second ribbon (I'd switched characters), and another pendant that was a specific size.

I hear nothing from her until the weekend of July 4 and that she's going to start the costume. At this point I'm wondering how it'll be done in time since I know how long it took the previous two times, but she still says no problem, it'll be done.

The first thing was cost. I got slammed with more than I thought because it turns out the original measurements she used (that I had given her) were different than the new ones provided. When I had my first outfit done, the person measuring me had flubbed up. Mandy apparently thought these measurements were strange, but instead of contacting me on that first outfit and telling me, she made her own adjustments and never told me that either.

So when I had this Sibylla dress done, I sent the same measurements again. After all, they had worked well the first time, so why not use them again since it hadn't been that long ago? Well, she never made the adjustments like with the other outfit so that was why it was so big. She blamed me for it, and I'm willing to say that yes, those measurements may have been taken wrong, but how was I to know if I wasn't told they seemed funny and that she had made the changes before? If I had been told the first time, I would have made sure they were corrected. But whatever I paid the costs.

Around the 15th of July I messaged again, wondering about the outfit. After all, Otakon was the 29th and I would leave the 28th. Still, she said it would be done and there would be pics in a few days.

Otakon came and went. As had been my gut feeling, nothing was done in time. I didn't get anything again until August 4, when she said it was ready to ship. I still hadn't had any pics of the new stuff. I did get an image of the new pendant, which turned out much better, but I had no idea about the size so I wasn't going to hold my breath. I wanted to see it in person.

August 11 I received the package. I got the package more quickly this time. All her packages come from China (since apparently she's living there at this point), but this time it also was given a California shipping label after it crossed the sea. Odd, since I'd never seen that before. I also usually have to pick the package up at the post office because I get one of those slips in my mailbox. However, this time it was able to be delivered to my residence.

I open the package and am really hoping things are okay this time around. I check the pendant first. It's the right size, though the hole for a chain is too small. She tells me it's wood and that the hole can be made bigger. I still have to find out how to do that.

I get a second white underdress this time. I didn't ask for that one and didn't need it, but I try it on anyway. Seems she forgot she made the first one without sleeves, as this one has 3/4 sleeves. There's also what appears to be yellow chalk on it, which is not a big thing since the dress is hidden. the collar is better this time, but still big. It would work if I needed it in a pinch I suppose.

And then I put the Sibylla dress on over that. The only con I have with this dress is that she forgot to sew in the ties that would allow me to fasten one side to the other. I can get someone to do that for me, but it's still frustrating since it should have already been there.

The new ribbon is so-so. It's too... large on the sides. I think I can get someone to make me a new one, but that one appears too gaudy. When I asked for a new one, I wanted her to make it just as she had the purple one, but extend the tails since the ribbon is actually supposed to tie the dress together on the front. I got that frilly thing instead.

Comments: Much more frustrating this time around and I didn't have what I wanted by deadline, even with the second promise that I would. I also don't like having to make changes to the outfit when it should have been pretty much wearable to begin with, especially when those things were on the first outfit. After this time, I won't be using her again because my new outfit is going to be more detailed than either of the ones I've commissioned and expensive. I'd like to find someone US based this time as well and someone who can meet the deadline more efficiently. I do not recommend her for wigs at all, even though it's someone she's paired up with. The accessory I got was accurate, just size was bad first time, which was my own fault for not being specific enough.
Final Grade: C
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