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Originally Posted by Kitsunebi-chan View Post
oh and hey just to let you guys know, we are having a panel sunday morning ^^

Blue exorcist panel
I am a little confused - is your group just running a panel on Sunday, or is there a panel AND an AnE gathering scheduled for Sunday now? I thought I saw a Facebook event that they created recently that was organizing a gathering on Sunday. But now I'm wondering if the event was just regarding your guys' panel??? Can you clarify this for me? XD

ThornQueen, our Shiemi, our Shima, our Shura, and myself can't wear Ao no Exorcist on Sunday because our Shura made her costume specifically to cosplay with us at Afest, and will be flying back home on Sunday. And since we have costume plans for Saturday, Friday's the only day we can wear AnE. I mean, if everyone else would rather have the gathering on Sunday, that's fine - I just want to make sure I (and others) understand which day the gathering is going to be. @_@;
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