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Long shot, but why not?

1.Name: Katacus/Kathleen
2.General location: Corvallis, OR is where I currently live but I'm in Portland and Seattle all the time.
3.Gender, Age: I'm a 21 year old girl. I go to Oregon State University and study apparel design.
4.Likes: Cosplay is my number one interest. My favorite anime/manga are Angel Beats!, Eyeshield 21, Loveless, and Fairy Tail. I also like other stuff like HIMYM, Doctor Who, and Adventure Time. I dislike Homestuck.
5.What you are looking for: A cosplay partner would be the best! I go to cons around the pacific northwest (kumoricon and sakuracon are my usuals) and sometimes other cons if I get the opportunity (just went to NDK!). Friends would be great too. Anyone over eighteen would be fantastic! Not at all looking for a relationship.

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