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Originally Posted by PokiPi View Post
So being a guy...I am new to this. What should I be using and how? LOL. Something basic and inexpensive to help photos would be ideal.
A light coverage foundation, powder to set, and a brown eye shadow should be fine. I'd apply a thin layer of the foundation with a foundation brush. Usually I dot it on a section of my face and blend it out. If your face is on the dry side, you don't have to powder. I have extremely oily skin, so I need to set it. I use a powder puff to pat it onto my skin and then I use a big powder brush to knock off the excess. You can define your eyes and contour your face with a matte brown eye shadow or a matte bronzer. Use an angled blush brush to sculpt under your cheekbones and along your jawline and an angled eyeliner brush to lightly define your eyes. Watching youtube videos really helps with learning how to put on make up. That's how I learned mostly.

As far as products go, I usually go for full coverage foundations for oily skin. I really like L'Oreal True Match foundation. NYC makes a great translucent powder and a great matte bronzer for a couple bucks.

As for me, on a normal day, I'l wear concealer and eyeliner and call it a day. But for cosplay I go all out. Liquid and powder foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, the works. I think the only beauty product I don't wear for a con is false lashes.
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