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ALWAYS wear makeup when cosplaying! Even if your character doesn't look like they're wearing makeup, DO IT ANYWAYS! Makeup is about so much more than looking pretty. It helps you photograph better. With the average point-and-shoot flash camera, a person without makeup can look extremely flat. Your features get washed out. Even if all you do is add a little foundation, you're helping to minimize the glare on your face. That's why actors wear makeup on stage. It absorbs some of the light, while helping their natural features stand out. I always use a primer, foundation, concealer (green concealer if needed for redness), powder, and contouring as needed for the character. I also always curl my lashes and add mascara, at the very least put a very thin line of eyeliner on top of my lash line, and define my eye crease with some eye shadow. I always wear some sort of lipstick, even it's it's just a matte nude color. If the character has any specific makeup, I'll go ahead and do that as well. Makeup really helps your final product look a thousand times better. I still cringe looking at pictures of my first cosplays (already not so great) and remember that I didn't think makeup was necessary. Those bad cosplays could have been made just a little better by taking the time to add a little foundation, blush, or mascara.
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