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first i want to appologize for absconding with you thread PLP, i didnt intend for that to happen

Originally Posted by Weisseteufel View Post
Dictamnus Albus-- What you appears to be your issue is how your belief that beauty is inherent to femininity conflicts with the idea of female-to-male crossplaying, which isn't so much a sexist (at least to me) mentality but a rather rigid one.
I take from your posts that you don't consider males beautiful so you aren't bothered by male-to-female crossplaying, but you think females are beautiful by nature
do you think masculinity as a whole is ugly?
Is it impossible in your eyes for anyone of any gender to look good when they take on masculine characteristics?
You mention other ways besides crossplay in which you think women intentionally make themselves ugly, but what's to keep things like facial piercings and ill-fitting clothes from having the same disfiguring effect on men?
this, point out the conflict best, i do view women as inherantly beautiful,
and thats where the question of sexism comes in, as it tends to look like
"whats good for the gander, is NOT good for the goose"

i can see a man as looking good, but not as "attractive to me"

as for the third paragraph ill get to that further down, as i can clear up others misconceptions with my explaination

quote, Acess
"I think it has to do more with the sense of entitlement, or trying impose on others for your own self-fulfillment.
Either "I'm entitled to be surrounded by pretty women" and/or "If a woman is around me, she should make every effort to dress, act, and look pretty, because this pleases me."

this points out snap judgement and lack of or not wanting to understand

it takes very little for me to see the beauty in and of all aspects in women
what i dont see is how ANYONE (but women especialy)
can let things like pericings, turning green/black, rashing/oozing, obviously not cleaning, or being sensitive to the metals, just slide
clothes, should make you feel comfy, happy, FEEL or look attractive in ones own mind
if your NOT happy dressing as you do, and have the means to change it
even if it takes the additional morale support of friends and family
why would you not choose to dress in a manner that make you feel good

any further misconcetions either stem from lack of insight, stubbornness
or snap judgment assumptions

but we've ruined the thread enough
as per the threads original intent,

there will always be detractors and griefers,
but if crossplaying gives you satisfaction, then by all means, you should
same goes for everything else... as long as its legal and/or moral

my original post was poorly written (clearly) and the rest, more to clear up and defend myself
but i only meant to point out the option of doing genderbent (and my preference tward it)

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