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Originally Posted by Emily_Adams View Post
Lug around a big ol' prop, it's what I have to do when I do my tails for a my Ninetales costume... Back problems... here I come.

Would you rather:
A) Have to bring your little annoying younger sibling who thinks they are an expert in anime just because they've seen Bleach/Naruto/Death Note /other popular fandom and wants pictures with every person and wnats everything in sight
B) Be stuck with the overly protective father that threatens any guy/girl that comes five feet of you and calls them pedophiles and rapists?

(Happened to me.. well the overly protective father thing.... Now I go with my easy going uncle person figure...)
A xD 100% A. I love little anime kids they're cute! So it wouldn't bother me honestly =P I'd be happy to take pics of them with a Naruto or two.

Would you rather:
A) Cosplay as Mikuru and allow every Haruhi to come up to you and pretty much molest you.
B) Cosplay as Haruhi and have to molest every Mikuru cosplayer.

(This are from the anime "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya")

XDD I'm gonna be cosplaying Mikuru and I can honestly say A is my greatest fear going around a con as her...
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