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Trying to unload these...
Feel free to pass on to those who you know are going and aren't on

I have 2 memberships that I have to transfer to someone else as they're non-refundable. They were bought in October, so they tickets were $85, and I paid with paypal, so there was a $3 charge, so they're $88. At door now is $95, and after Mar 17 all memberhips will be "at door" only. All in US$ of course.

I know chances are slim, but if anyone wants one/them, or knows someone who wants to go last minute, please let them know. At this point I'd love to get all the money back, but I realize chances of that may be slim. :/ I'd rather make something than lose nearly $200 US (a lot of money for a broke student).

I thought I had someone who wanted one, and emailed her a few days ago, but she hasn't replied yet. I'm assuming she doesn't want it.

Just PM me if interested.

Hope everyone has fun. I really wish I could go.
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