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Originally Posted by khenemetset View Post
I suppose we'll see what the individual directors say on the matter, as it's really up to them. Personally, I don't think it falls under the Sci-fi/Fantasy/Anime Masq because it's none of those things.

The characters are Pharaoh Tutankhamun a historical figure and Lord Meren who is fictional from the Lord Meren mystery series by Lynda Robinson.

I suppose the real crux of the matter is would it be considered historical interpratation or historical recreation if it fell in the Histrical catagory because you have a real person and a fictional character
The characters are not the crucial issue - at least where the Historical masq is concerned, and it sounds like that's definitely where these would go, IMO. You will be judged on your costumes first and foremost. From your overall description and what you plan to present firmly puts you in the Interpretation Category.
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