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Dealing with bad customers? Customer review thread?

I honestly wasn't very sure where to put this thread so I decided to put it here. Please move it if it is in the wrong place and I apologize. I was just wondering a few things about us commissioners who actually end up getting bad customers I mean they can review us so maybe it would be helpful if we had a thread or a forum dedicaticated to those who buy from us.

I've been doing for commissions for maybe about 2-3 years now I believe and a lot of times I get great customers but I have had a few bad customers and I don't really know how to deal with some of them due to what they were complaining about so advice on that would be helpful as well. I know some people make a contract so if anyone could show me a sample of their contract that would also be really helpful since I know that I need to make one in the near future.

Now I'm just going to share without mentioning any names a few of the problems I have had to deal with and maybe others could share as well?

I once had a customer who repeatedly complained to me about this little disk like button being to small and it wasn't anything fancy either but they demanded that it need to be 2.2cm largers or they would they would give me a bad review. I ended up having to sculpt a custom made version of a button basically and then they still complained that they didn't like it.

I also had another customer who would would email me almost on a daily basis which would clutter my inbox and it was very frustrating since I get all emails sent to my phone and the notification sound would go off at all hours of the day so I ended up having to mute it. I had even asked her to please stop emailing me on a daily basis because she would ask the same things every single day how was it going, anymore progress and do you have any picture's to send me. What part of the costume are you working on right now did you get around to working on it today etc. I had repeatedly asked her to stop and she would basically just stop for 2-3 days and then start up again and if I didn't reply she would send multiple messages it got to the point where her mails started just auto going in my spam folder since she messaged me so much it thought it was spam. I ended up just trying to finish it as fast I possibly could without sacrificing any quality because I didn't want to be bothered anymore.

I've also had one person basically flip out over a very small Work in progress photo and I even told them right now it is just in process of being made it was a wig and that it will look somewhat weird due to me sewing the wefts in and everything but that I just wanted to show that it was actually being worked on. she said it looked awful lots of other swear words and reported me to paypal and demanded a refund over an unfinished project. I later on heard from another commissioner friend that I had talked to about this person that they had dealt with them to and something somewhat similar happened. It was really an awful situation.

I also have one person who always asks me for price quotes and then once I give them a price for a certain costume wig or prop they ask me for a new price quote on something else and they basically just keep doing it because their deciding which costume they want done. I don't mind but it is the amount of times that it happens and also saying stuff like I will pay for this costume on whatever day and then never sending a down payment waiting a few days and then saying they do not need it anymore and asking for more quotes. I asked them to please stop unless they were serious about buying a costume and they got very angry and spammed my email a few times and left me alone.

So my basic point is that I think just like how we have a buyers beware of this person we could also have a thread for commissioners so that we could look up and see what we are dealing with before hand. I think it would be very helpful since I would have avoided some of these people or at least have been prepared for the situation.

Now share your thoughts and stories please and give any advice you can think of?

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