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Well, I unfortunately have a couple bad reviews and while I understand why I got them, it does hurt me that people aren't very understanding or forgiving. But even before those reviews, I have always kept in contact and replied in a rather timely manner. I've admitted my faults and I've apologized profusely and am doing everything i possibly can, with my current schedule to make things right and even that wasn't good enough. It didn't matter what I said or tried to do. They were just never happy. I don't think of them as bad people or anything because of it either.

I've had people ask for quotes and never reply just to even say "no thanks". I've had people who are commissioning from me and who have completely disappeared (so I hope they're all right and safe). I've definitely had a few people constantly email me asking for updates (which is well within their right to do so) but at the same time, obviously if I had a proper updated, it would be posted or emailed. I've tried asking them to stop, but that didn't work and apparently it was a horrible thing to do because they couldn't fathom that it indeed, buried and made a cluster of all the information that I ever wanted to look up or needed and that the search option really isn't that helpful when you have 500-1k emails bouncing back and forth.

So, you get some impatient people and some bad apples on both sides, but I am very understanding and compassionate person so I forgive and move on and do the best that I can do. Sorry, if that wasn't very helpful and good luck!
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