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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
HA that's MY thread lol I was gonna bring that up but you beat me to it!! I couldn't link it on my phone so I had to wait..Guess I was too late lol

But Yea that thread basically sums up what I would say here..
In fact, I just had a customer last week break a sword I made. Now I never spoke directly to them, they don't have an account, but they had a friend that does and that person replayed messages back and forth. Out of nowhere a few days after sending it, I get a message saying I MESSED UP >.< And I'm like, "No, not possible, I have done other props the same way with amazing results."..Come to find out, the person tried doubleback taping the sword to their belt and it broke..Yea, cuz THAT'S my fault..I got basically almost lashed at for his mistake..
I had something somewhat similar happen to me once. I honestly don't remember the names of most of these people due to how many commissions I get but I if I saw the username I would remember them and avoid lol.

But yeah anyways I made a nice prop someone and I told them that with their budget and my current skills two years back that it would be nice but not to go flinging it around or something like that and it was a pretty nifty looking prop especially for the price since at that time I had no clue how to charge at all. Anyways I guess they broke it and they tried to say that I made them a faulty item but I ended up finding out that they play fighting with it at the con lol....
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