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I agree we should have a review thread an bad customers as I'm currently dealing with one now and it'd be nice if we had a thread where we could read up on this sorta thing so we can avoid such customers. Whether they be actually bad customers, overly picky ones, or ones who have a higher threshold of satisfaction than most and would require a higher level/more experienced commissioner to take on.

Anyways the customer I'm currently dealing with is GTatrow and since I didn't see this thread and made a new one I had already posted my thoughts and warnings on him elsewhere. But as it may be delete I'll repost them here:

Originally Posted by Tsukune View Post
A little out of the ordinary to say this but if you ever come across a customer named Garry Tatrow [which I believe to be his real name] be warned as he tends to make a commissioners job difficult with being over the top when it comes to perfection so if you are a new or inexperienced commissioner like myself DO NOT ACCEPT A COMMISSION FROM HIM! At this rate only a Master level cosplayer should accept a commission from him [note: I am only Journeymanlevel] as he's done nothing but pick apart everything I've worked hard to make for him and yet still demand me to remake it for free with express shipping and in an unreasonable short time. Even threatening to take legal action [which as most commissioners know does neither of you little good].

Well that is all I have to say so be warned do not accept a commission from him unless you are 110% confident in your work because 100% just isn't enough for him. And I am not lying I really did try my best to satisfy him despite my current situation having just lost my job.

Good Luck as I know he's in the neighborhood for more commissions [and it doesn't need to be a difficult commission I made him a Natsu cosplay which is quite simple to make and yet this happened].
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Originally Posted by Tsukune:
I felt like the Otaku world needed a word to describe the none-otaku/cosplayer/gamer/nerd and none awesome people of the world just like in Harry Potter with how they use the word Muggle to describe none magic folk, so I came up with the word Nord. So a Nord is a none nerd.

Nord = Individual
Nords = More than one
Nordians = Society/Species

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