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My Side

Okay Tsukune let me tell my side keep in mind that I sent the full payment February 5th for the commission. When I sent you my info. that I wanted my Cosplay May 1st, need for Colossalcon 2013 you lost my email so I had to tell you again about the due date. Yes I did miss state the date in a resend email May 31st. I had to email and email you to get strait answers and even then I did not get all what I asked. For example, the Natsu cosplay I asked for a commission on Natsu's Time Skip copsplay (rob, belt, and pants) and how much extra for his bottom rob and vest you replied 110 dollar which I thought was low, but I thought okay whatever. When sending me an email that you where almost finished I asked about the vest and bottom rob you did not know what I was talking about. I re-emailed the emails asking about the vest and bottom rob, still would not go good. You did not mention that I was working great with you even gave you more time up until this point. I told you then fine just get me my Time Skip Natsu cosplay before I leave for Colossalcon. I did not get a progress picture until May 28th. My cosplay was delivered June 3rd late (deadline May 31st) you did pay for express shipping but you made it sound like I should be grateful that you were doing it. But still I had to pay a portion of the shipping. You did offer a free hat but all I wanted was my cosplay.

Picking apart your work? The trim was yellow suppose to be orange. You keep saying it was yellow, it's orange. You told me that yellow trim is what other cosplayers had that you saw online. Why are you looking online I sent you picture. I don't care what others had I wanted what the character wears. If you could not find orange you should have talked to me before producing it. You emailed me on the color of the rob why not with the trim. The back shoulder of the sleeve was bunch up. When I went to bend my elbow and hold it my arm started going numb. Also the length of sleeve was short. The belt in front was loose which would have been no problem but you sewed the belt to the rob if I tightened it would have looked weirder. The belt buckle was not painted all the way, let that one go. I did take it to a person that does commissions. You want to know what she found when she un-sewed the sleeve from the shoulder a hole Tsukune you tried covering it up! She fix other things as well. Yes I did find someone else to doing commission for me that right and she is awesome!!!! I was going to email you a picture of the hole, thought no it over and done just leave it alone. Also, at the convention the zipper thread where it was attach to the rob was coming undone did not email about that. You only told me that you where journeyman level when things were not going good for you. I am sorry you lost your job but you would think you would be hard at work getting commissions done to get money. All I wanted was what I paid for. If your personal life got in the way you should have refunded me my money.

I checked your website looked to be great work. I even asked you about your work I can't remember exact word you said but was something like. I am talented and passionate when it come to making cosplay. You forgot to mention that you afford to make one more cosplay for me at a discount who does that unless the know that they did something wrong.

I did not want to write this but I will defend my name when people falsely smear it. I have the emails and the pictures to back up my clams. I will never do business with Tsukune again. Her web business name is Twilight Knight Cosplay Creations.

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