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Originally Posted by Animeisha View Post
Wow, such impressive pics/stories in this thread! Excellent fit-spiration. XD

I myself have lost about 110 pounds since early 2009.

At my highest recorded weight (it probably was higher around the holidays but I was avoiding scales for obvious reasons), I was 243 in January of 2009, and I'm only 5'5". ><

I'm now around 130 pounds, and trying to swap the last of the excess chub for muscle, which I already have a lot of in my legs especially because the bulk of the weight was lost running on a treadmill. My legs are a lot bigger than I'd like, as are my hips and butt. I'm aiming for a more slender, lean body type, but the last of the pounds are stubborn and I've been set back by recurrent health problems that prevent me from doing strenuous exercise.

I don't have any really good before and after pics, but you can get an idea from these:

Before- taken in January 2009 at Ohayocon (I'm on the far right in purple):

After- me as Gary Oak at Dragoncon 2010, last month:

a close-up, you can really tell a difference in my face:

I typically wear guys clothing, and I'm a size 28 in mens pants, but in womens sizes, I went from a size 20 to a size 6. My goal is to trim up my legs/hips/butt by the end of January to make a convincing Kiba from Wolf's Rain. That boy is ridiculously skinny, so it's a hard goal, but I'm fairly confident I can do it. I have an elliptical machine now, so wish me luck!
Very good story indeed and I'm sure many people will find your story to give them further motivation to achieve their goals. I'm actually quite impressed.

Keep it up.
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I'm always happy to give people advice or suggestions on weightlifting, exercise, and diet routines. Don't be afraid to PM me and just say hi either!
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