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LKD Love both outfits great job on them

So as for my next Disney cosplay, it's gonna be Jane from Tarzan in a special version of her yellow dress from the movie. It's gonna be an outfit for our play (we have a group and our debute will be a disney comedy ) I'm still undecided how to do it, but if I managed to sketch my designs, I'd post them if anyone is interested in it?^^

Also, should we manage to go to the bookfair again next year, I'm still a bit undecided what to do. My friend who does Cinderella asked me to do Snow White, but I'm not sure if I can sew it. But she almost talked me into it- I like Snow White, but I never really thought I could actually play her ^^'
My alternative is Kilala in her princess dress from Kilala Princess, but I look a lot better with black her than blonde hair actually, ahaha....
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