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@ FinalEvangelion:
Heat: Uhg it's high 90's here. You are so lucky!!! 70's isn't hot either, that's perfect weather. But yes, here we have really cold winters and pretty hot summers.

Locations: It's a bummer you won't have Gestahl ready. That would be pretty cool to do a shoot there with you and a Kefka!

Snow shoot: Sure thing, just let me know what you find. Depending on the circumstances I really would like to plan to be in Seattle a few days before Sakura con, but if that doesn't work, maybe I can make a special trip up just for the shoots. :P

Amano Drawing: Same here. I think the sets and the puppets really take a lot of artistic talent and it's just not seen much anymore sadly. That would be awesome if SE sponsored us though! I doubt they would, but still, it would be awesome to build big cosplay sets. If I remember correctly, the Zelda Project is pretty much funded on fan donations.

Workout: I did a little more walking yesterday and my arms/abs exercise. Woo! I am sure you will get lots of exercise just touring Seattle with your family though. What fun. :P

Armor: Oh using the dressform is an awesome idea for armoring. We actually used the dressform for my breast plate just because it was getting too uncomfortable to heat the wonderflex while I was wearing it. :P I am glad yours is able to help you too. LoD for 2015 sounds like it might work. I will just have to figure out what I am doing when. And yays! I hope to see you making the Zora armor. That would be too cool.

Goddesses: Oh okay I saw that you liked it. Thanks! It's been a planned project for about a year now and we are finally just starting to work on them. I am thinking we will probably be working on these for the rest of the year and possibly part of next. We don't have a specific con picked out for when we debut these, I think we were just planning on wearing them once finished. We would love for you to photograph for us if you are available.

Cosplay Fixes: Yeah it's nice when the fix it list is so short. :P I am going to head to the store today and hopefully pick up the last of the supplies for Yoko so I can finish her too. Did you make your own belt for Zidane or did you purchase it? I have just started using vinyl to make my own belts and I must say, I am sorry it took me so long to start using this fabric. It's pretty easy to work with and looks really sharp. Perhaps that could work for your Zidane?

Cookies: Ha ha! You can bring anything you like to the shoots. I will probably eat it. :P

Parents/Cons: I hope you have fun with your family. There seems to be quite a variety of things to do in Seattle, so I doubt you will be bored. I also hope your work doesn't call you in on the day of the mini con. That would be a real bummer.

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