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This will be my Third year going to youmacon snd my parents 2nd time going. I already have my badge, they DID raise the price to $55 now for the threeday =/ I didn't book a room yet, my group is being &%$#@'s and wont respond to my emails -_- On the brighter side of things I will be going as Rin from meltdown~! (not the hard rock one with the guitar) My brother will be going as firce diety link from ledgend of Zelda. And my dad will be Porco Rosso, and my mom will be Gina ^^

For people traveling out of state who this is their first con, Please be warned *SOME* (not all) parts of Detroit can be REALLY bad, so please know where the Ren Cen is ahead of time beacuse trust me, wander one block away from the Ren Cen and you can find yourself in some deep trouble. Also on the lines for badges get SUPER LONG so be there quick on friday evening or saturday morning. I've never been on thursday so Idk.

Can't wait for TFS!!!!!!!!!!!! (>o<)/
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