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I just did one with them, and right after I found this link...
It took about 40 mins, in which my webcam was on, but no sound of video from their side.
They asked regular cosplay questions and ended with a quiz about your character. In which if you answer wrong, you take 1 accessorie off, which in the end you can end up being half naked in front of your computer.
They said they would send a final version of the video and ask for permission wether to put it online or not.
She told me her website with interviews will be online around mid januari.

After doing this interview I realise how stupid I was just to accept it without asking any more information/questions. This is the internet after all.
I told the person to delete all we recorded and to not put even 1 second online.
She appologized immeadiatly and told me nothing would be put online.
If anyone else gets contacted, deny the interview no matter what!!
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