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Originally Posted by Yavarice View Post
Depends on the rest of the outfit; whether you're going for a cartoony look or artistic interpretation - both can look great!
(I personally went with toon - and used foam for wings)

A more practical answer would be: Whatever is easier for you to make!
I'm not sure which would look better, honestly, since I'm obviously doing an anthro (not Gajinka) interpretation. (Amusingly her Winter Wrap Up outfit from 111)

Easier? Lol.
Caroony: print off pattern, trace onto felt, cut out, glue onto coat hanger, repeat x4. Done in 10 minutes
Feathered: Buy off eBay for $20 or less, wait 10-30 days, done. (only issue is it takes hours of searching to find the right shade of blue, 99.99999% of eBay "blue wings" seems to be "navy blue")

Effort in this case is not an issue lol I'm trying to figure out which would look better. (of course one argument I just realized is that if I'm going for accuracy, I should do the cartoony wings, since as per the X-ray from RiaW (216) each of the "feathers" is actually an appendage like a finger (the only way I can logic flying with this kind of anatomy is the wings are for control like rudders and the actual flying is done with Pegasus Magic) Though somehow, somewhere, there *are* feathers since Dash loses one escaping pinkie in one episode (MotFE 224) though while I can guess from RL birds wings, from the actual series animation I cannot for the life of me see where the feathers actually fall on the wings @_@

Originally Posted by Kesra View Post
I saw this one set of wings that was a combination of the two. She made feathered wings but the feathers were made of stiff felt.

That might be a nice midway point.
I *LOVE* those! the only issue I have is that they're so big I'd be scared to wear them at a con, though I might make them for photoshoots or if I enter the costume contest (swap out whatever small wings I'm wearing for those)
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