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Originally Posted by Dragonsfire867 View Post

@Everyone- As for me....

So...I realize I've taken over a good portion of the jrock forums with my constant posting (hehe, oops >_>), but realize I haven't contaminated this thread yet! Until now! Muahaha. 8D Anywho, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions as to who I could cosplay easily, even though I've tried my hand at doing some jrock-related costumes anyways. Just a note, though- I'm not a big dress fan, as I'm primarily a crossplayer, so feel free to omit suggestions like Hizaki, etc.

Here are some different reference pics to help figure out who I could be a good doppleganger of:

(Please ignore the succeeding pictures that may contain: goofiness, ridiculous hair, and such XD)

Aaaand one more 'male' pic for more inspiration... _n.jpg

I really like your last pic! Ima sound a little weird/pervy here but...I think you look really awesome, cool and *ahem* hot in that pic >.<' heh heh...^ ^;
And you look pretty in the other pics too^ ^

You remind me of Uruha from the Gazette a little in the last one, Ruka from Hime Ichigo, Iori (ex Phantasmagoria) and I think you make a pretty good Kohsuke from Aile too^ ^
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