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Originally Posted by marsman57
Ok, well this may not work for all you guys and it's not *quite* as good, but I for one am not up for lowering my sperm count (your testicles descend for a reason, it's too warm inside). Anyway, so what I do is push both my testicles to one side and then pull back on my shaft and tape it to my leg.
Well... pushing the testicles together like that isn't all that great temperature-wise anyways. Also, the sperm count will come right back afterwards. I mean... it's like the difference between briefs and boxers, which isn't really all that big a deal, honestly.
Add to that, you're a LOT more likely to damage stuff. With tucking, you can cross legs and such no problem. I mean... which is worse... slight drop in sperm count, or potential permanent damage to things down there...

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